La Genevoise and OWIT

01 Jun 2016 16:31 | Anca Gosling

Running remains the most popular endurance sport and for the last decades the number of women outnumber men.

Individually a lot of us run for fun, for health, for an active lifestyle or for networking.  There are OWIT running stars among OWIT members. It was in 2016 that OWIT Lake Geneva tried out the first team running experience.

La Genevoise is one of the Geneva Marathon: a two day sport event in favor of UNICEF. La Genevoise is a race exclusively for women, gathering ladies ladies of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. This year, three OWIT members (Veronika, Nasya and Hulya) decided to support UNICEF and joined the team running the 6.5 km race through the beautiful landscapes of Geneva.

"Being part of the team is amazing: you don’t own your result anymore, you share it and we absolutely loved it. We did not feel exhausted but empowered by the great spirit of La Genevoise. It’s a feeling of mutual encouragement and inspiration - the whole community of running ladies drives you to the finish line."

OWIT Lake Geneva will certainly repeat the initiative next year, stay tuned for more details on the event.