Partner's event - New Ways of living, working and leading by WIN

  • 02 Oct 2019
  • 09:00
  • 05 Oct 2019
  • 17:30
  • Athens

OWIT Lake Geneva is happy to invite you to join our partners at WIN for a world-class pioneering 3+ day leadership learning extravaganza in Athens, for company executives, managers, entrepreneurs and artists alike. 

Trust. Discover. Create.  New Ways of living, working and leading.

2 – 4 (5) October, Athens

You Are the One

You want to be part of a larger shift in women's lives taking place on a global scale. You feel like widening your horizons, learning something new and creating a more gender-balanced world for future generations. You simply have a desire to be a part of it - now! Perhaps you work for a large company and have substantial leadership experience or, you have just started your own company and are wondering how to proceed. Perhaps you are in transition and curious about your next steps.

You will be in the right place. The conference will help you get up to speed on emerging trends in business, technology and society as well as the latest thinking on the future of work and careers, and new practices in individual growth. The conference is designed to help participants generate new awareness, skills and connections in an inspiring and nurturing environment, enabling them to accelerate their impact in the world, at work and in their lives.

Why join?  

WIN prepares you to step up to transform and create thriving organizations and embrace the future emerging.

• You will gain the knowledge, awareness, skills and the inspiration needed to propel you and your organization forward.

• You will gain hope, inspiration, and vitality.

• Our years of experience in feminine leadership assures beauty, abundance, creativity and joy is a part of how each part of this forum is designed, curated and executed. Supported by a clear structure and determination, WIN provides you a sense of belonging and an ease of connecting, making learning and doing business incredibly efficient. Experiencing this integrated way of working will enlighten your life and create ripples to those around you, guaranteed.

At WIN we grow as conscious leaders and empower each other to create business with purpose and careers that matter.

REGISTER NOW on our partner’s event page.


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