Interactive Workshop: 3 keys to unlock your Purpose, Potential & Possibilities

  • 22 Sep 2022
  • 18:30 - 20:30
  • Impact Hub - Petit Salon, Rue de Fendt 1, 1201 Genève
  • 15


  • Free of charge
  • Free of charge

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Do you ever have this feeling that there must be more to life?

That something is waiting for you?

You might even be happy in your current life, work, business, but somewhere deep down you kind of know that you were made for more?

Well, that’s your unrealized potential calling you.

You might decide to ignore it or not know what to do about it. However the call will be louder and louder until you react on it.

So, if you’re interested in knowing more and get clarity on your personal path to optimum flow and fulfillment in your life and work, then join us for this interactive workshop where we will discuss : 3 keys to unlock your purpose, potential and possibilities.

Birgitte Ostenfeld Voilquin is a women's potential & wellbeing expert with more than 15 years of research & dedicated work understanding women : our unique functioning, needs and keys to up-level our potential to have thriving careers and balanced, fulfilling lives. 

Women centered transformational coaching, functional medicine and naturopathy mixed with her visionary, optimistic and openminded way of being makes her coaching approach deep and unique with an innovative touch to make sure each of her clients find their unique path forward.

Danish of origin, Birgitte call herself a world citizen with more than half her life spent in different countries around the globe.

Birgitte is committed to uplifting women to their true potential as she believes that the majority of us are just touching the edge of what we’re capable of. She is at her happiest when putting a spotlight on other women's unique greatness and see them sparkle & glow with profound joy while rocking their life's mission making a difference in the world. 

When Birgitte is not supporting women to rise, you can find her resourcing in the Swiss mountains all year around. She enjoys her own self-development journey and swiss quality chocolate.

Would you have any further questions, please contact Patricia ( or Iulia ( who will be your hosts. 

Looking forward seeing you soon! 

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