GETTOGETHER: Workshop by Avinder Laroya & Birgitte Ostenfeld Voilquin

  • 19 Jan 2023
  • 18:30 - 21:00
  • Rue de Geneve 100 Lausanne, 1004 Switzerland

“From Tension Can Come Great Harmony”

Conflict is all about emotions, when a person is off balance emotionally, it is difficult to engage constructively with the other person.

You can lose sight of your objectives and become focused on how the other person has wronged you, (often repeatedly in the your mind). Retaliatory responses kick in and a cycle of emotion starts, you may no longer be interested in solving the problem as much as punishing the other person.

Knowing how to identify what conflict is the first step in dealing with the situation in a different way and having the tools to regulate your emotions when situations arise can improve your responses to conflict.

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During the interactive workshop will be looking into

1. What is conflict

2. Understanding what conflict is

3. What are the causes and costs of conflict?

4. Ways to resolve conflict

5. How to use your unique strengths and build empathy skills to minimise conflict

6. Interactive exercises to understand and manage conflict better

What are the benefits of the workshop?

In the workshop you will discover the following:

· Skills to self-reflect in difficult situations

· The ability to respond consciously in a conflict

· Escape negative conflict patterns

· Be emotionally balanced without falling back into misaligned behaviours

· increased clarity because you can see how others view conflict

· Use your unique strengths and build empathy skills to minimise conflict

By managing one’s emotions, a person can improve their chances of using constructive behavioural responses to deal with conflict more effectively.

The Trainers

The workshop will be led by Avinder Laroya & Birgitte Ostenfeld Voilquin

Avinder Laroya

Avinder Laroya is a multi-lingual English Solicitor, Mediator, Chartered Arbitrator, and Entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in private practice in London, UK and is now based in Lausanne, Canton Vaud. She is a specialist in international dispute settlement with a LLM in International Dispute Settlement (MIDS).

Birgitte Ostenfeld Voilquin.

Birgitte is a women's transformational coach & wellbeing expert who helps daring women dream bigger and break free from what’s holding them back from what their souls call them to do next in life. Birgitte is from Denmark and has been living in different countries around the globe and is now based in Lausanne with her family. 


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