“The Global South”: Fuelling Economic Growth and Development? (23 February 2012)

24 Feb 2012 11:12 | Anonymous
“The Global South” is a label, which represents nations from Africa, Central and Latin America, and most of Asia. This part of the world is currently experiencing political, economic, social and cultural changes and, at the same time, is offering great opportunities for modernization.
Unfortunately, the majority of the population of this region is facing problems such hunger, poverty, diseases, human and civil right abuses, ethnic and regional conflicts, environmental degradation. Is the rest of the world ready to “give a hand” and help these nations come out of the existential agony and take direction to convert their economies into examples of modern political, economic and social models?

Four experts in the area of international cooperation and sustainable development leaded the open panel discussion of our event held on the 23th of February in Geneva. 
Statistics were shown representing the quickly growing populations, especially in China, and the importance of this country in the functionality of the Global Supply Chain. 
China owns 40% of the world R&D initiatives, which together with its proved potential of being since decades a world producer # 1, represent an enormous potential and economic power.
Different on-going international programs are focused on the economic development in the countries of the Global South, based on non-oil trade.

The control of the use of the unique natural resources of each region prevents from environmental devastation and also assures a sustainable economic growth. 
More over, these countries have to be prepared to respond to the strong interest coming from the North and the developed countries in the area of international trade. 
One interesting physiological phenomenon was mentioned – in general, the world should “redraw its mental maps”, which means to think “out of the box”, out of the accepted so far as “status-quo”, and assume that the next world economic rise may come from the developed and event under- developed countries. Ready to see it?!
Another concept was described under the logo “One future …  one planet”. This model is based on the research and establishment of tools in synergy to support strategic planning towards sustainable development. Only close cooperation and respect in considering the interest of these tree players could bring to a fair and stable base for economic, political and social advancement.
The building of a better life is a learning process. Its time frame could take decades but if it is done in a sustainable way, the success is measurable from the very beginning. Sharing best practices is something the developing, and why not, all countries should follow to make known the good techniques in policymaking and avoid from doing similar mistakes. 
This transformation phase is a very complex and important step of the modern human history. It should be done with respect, tact and for the wellbeing of all.
When talking about figures, it would be a serious negligence to forget about the people. In the developing counties the hanger is not strong enough to kill the optimism of these nations in their efforts to have a decent life. This should be honored with respect, providing international cooperation in help for the sustainable growth.
The role of the woman in the countries from the Global South is fundamental. Her strength to fight for maintaining the life, her pride in preserving the cultural and ethnical characteristics of the local society and be at the same time entrepreneur and active participants in the recently created trade and production start-ups, dedicate to her a leading place. Her voice should be listen.
The conference was followed by a nice cocktail giving opportunity for networking and the discussions to continue.
by Nasya Dimitrova


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