Mentorship Cafe - Position yourself uniquely in today’s job market - by Ania Ferdyn (27 February 2013)

27 Feb 2013 21:08 | Nasya Dimitrova
What do we do when the questions concerning our careers are becoming difficult to answer? How do we position ourselves uniquely in today’s job market? Some of us want to change jobs or are in transition period already, some of us realize that they work way too much and need help on how to build a life-work balance, others strive to become influential leaders but it is just not happening. Nowadays, those career subjects are becoming part of our daily life and getting little guidance on how to get where we want to be can be incredibly supportive.

Once again the annual Mentorship Cafe event hosted by OWIT Lake Geneva ended up being exceptionally successful. More then 40 women had the chance to meet and benefit from the wisdom of 6 extraordinary mentors who offered guidance on topics concerning leadership, networking, work-life balance and job transitions.

Our wonderful mentors, business professionals, astonishing women were Carolyn J. Lutz giving the best tips on how to Network, Amy Carroll speaking about the Art & Science of Positive Influence, Diana Ritchie uncovering the Secrets of Finding a Job, Sue Johnson instructing on how to Manage the Bubbles of Work, Life and Yourself, Elena Pancé-Petrova coaching on Transition and Change, and Dr. Madelon Evers training on how to Walk your Talk to get a Powerful Leadership Role. Everyone of them was extremely knowledgeable and we thank them for taking their time to be our guests.

The atmosphere and energy flow in the room was great. Based on several comments from the participants, all attendees got their questions answered and they are ready to apply the teachings and instructions in order to achieve their career goals.

One of our members said “The event was very interesting and useful as the mentors were experienced women from several fields. The atmosphere was very energetic as all the participants were eager to learn from the mentors, from each other and to ask all their questions. 

In the group “Managing the bubbles of work, life and yourself” we were challenged to draw three circles that were linked and each one represented the size of the importance of each topic in your life; a very confronting exercise! However this motivated us to think about the questions whether or not we were happy and if we would like to change anything in our life. And when changing something you have to compromise and commit to sticking by your choice. 

I really liked this topic as it gave us a lot of food for thought. I can definitely recommend this event to other professional women. There was a very diverse choice of topics ranging from networking to leadership and transition. “

To sum it all up, after attending the OWIT Mentorship Cafe we can definitely say that the “difficult” questions concerning our careers are more explicable today. The help of our mentors was priceless for many of us. We are truly looking forward to apply the principles received during this year Mentorship Cafe and save the date on our calendars to do it again next year!


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