OWIT Get Together for job seekers (29 August 2013) - by Petra Kummer

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„What a fantastic evening! 21 women determined to make the right move and find THE job of their dreams and 4 inspiring speakers. We could have spent the entire night speaking and sharing ideas and experience!“

- A members for members initiative - 

Our OWIT members expressed a need for guidance – other members with the according skills responded to it! 

In times of a tight job market, you might feel alone and helpless – so what could be better to gather people for an inspiring exchange with experienced HR professionals and coaches? And with professionals who know all about successful networking as a daily business!

YOU know best how to bloom! 
So what can you do to make a positive impact on your job search? In four round table discussions, our passionate speakers replied to that question and took us through the following interrelated topics:

Knowing yourself  ( www.YOU.com ) - hosted Celine Beaurain
Targeting your market - hosted by Derwyn Cafferkey
How to network - hosted by Natacha Angélique Rault
DO's and DON'Ts of successful networking - hosted by Andrea Delannoy

And here is what our participants say:
“An interesting and useful event that really exceeded my expectations! It was exactly the kind of motivation I needed to tackle my job search in a more efficient way and I look forward to applying what I have heard tonight.”
“I was very interested in all four topics that were discussed this evening. Above all, the discussions inspired me to take my job hunting to the next level by further enhancement of my profile and my networking activities. It was good to share experiences and to hear that other women are struggling with the same challenges as I am. I hope the follow up sessions will give room for more support and inspiration for each other.”
“My personal key learning of the evening is the importance of the “Knowing yourself” part – I am determined to invest more time in this field to pave the way for a more fulfilling professional future. How can you actually know where to go and successfully network without knowing yourself properly? Thank you for opening my eyes!”
“OWIT Lake Geneva has most inspired and helped me grow since I came to Switzerland, 11 years ago. I have spent the most fabulous and intense moments volunteering for it, I’ve learnt tremendously! Last Thursday I spent yet again a fabulous moment, from a new angle – as a speaker - but with the same excitement and joy as ever! Thank you all for making OWIT LG the most open, fun and enriching organization around Lake Geneva.” (Andrea Delannoy - speaker)

The overall aim of the evening was achieved: bringing people together, helping and motivating each other by exploiting our internal HR resources! A pleasure to see that this intense session of 3.5 hours was enriching and rewarding for both speakers and participants - thank you to everyone!

Petra Kummer
Marketing Communications volunteer


Do you want to keep up the momentum and continue that fruitful exchange? 
Check the members forum for a follow-up or propose and post your own Get together!


The OWIT Get Together initiative is about connecting members by region and / or by interest. We encourage each member to organize her or his own Get Together: host a topical party in your home community, organize some local social or cultural gathering, propose to jointly attend a business or other kind of event. If assistance is needed, you can count on the full support of our Events, MarCom and Get Together teams!


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