Are your emotions betraying you at work?

  • 16 Jan 2018
  • 18:30 - 20:30
  • F-Information, Rue de la Servette 67, 1202 Geneva
  • 16


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It is a well known fact that as women we tend to be more emotional than men. Our emotions sometimes make us less effective and they can prevent us from getting what we want in life.

To avoid emotions, we suppress them, ignore them or even hide them, only to let them out in a destructive way afterwards. 

At the workplace, emotions like anger, resentment or insecurity can keep us from getting promoted. Or we might get stuck as we struggle with the catch-22 of frustration, the paralyzing effect of fear, or the debilitating power of self-pity.

Barbara will teach you a little known secret: our emotions can be our worst enemies when we don't master them, but they can become our absolutely best allies when we do! In fact, once you learn to heal and transform your emotions, you can have much less stress, be more effective, be assertive, and learn to navigate successfully the corporate world. 

In this highly interactive workshop, we will:

- understand what emotions truly are

- discover the hidden message that each emotion carries 

- learn how to liberate ourselves from a toxic emotion and turn into a springboard for our success

If you want to transform your toxic emotions into powerful creative tools, enjoy better relationships, and believe unapologetically in yourself, then join us for this eye-opening workshop and learn how to become totally kick-ass at work and at home!

About the speaker:

Barbara Roux-Levrat is is Europe’s #1 expert in teaching women to become sooo kick-ass that they kick-out of their lives all sorts of toxic patterns and create the life they really want! She is a professional coach and speaker and her specialty is Emotional Strength. 

Barbara speaks 4 languages and has a Bachelors degree from the US, an MBA from Scotland, a Coaching degree from Switzerland, and has studied Mandarin in China.

She is the President of the Geneva Coaching Support Group for Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd., the world’s leading life and corporate coach training company. 


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